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MR chen

Ni hao, I am a fully registered primary school teacher and has worked with children for over 10 years so you can trust that I know what I am doing!


Over the years of experience, I have observed the SPECTACULAR rate of learning as soon as children develop PASSION towards what they are learning. Therefore, my teaching style is all about inspiring this passion.

My Teaching Philosophy:

"The role of a teacher is not to just teach students to succeed but to help the students to succeed based on their passion. To do that, the teacher must provide a safe and positive learning environment for students to be able to strive towards their full potential." 




  • Textbook

  • Vocabulary Tests

  • Short-term learning only

  • Not suitable for primary aged children 



  • Fun and interactive learning activities


  • Game-based methods to communicate to children which are tailored to their needs, dynamic and understanding abilities


  • Generate interest and curiosity towards learning!


"Mandarin Heroes will bring enjoyment and passion towards Mandarin and as a result, inspire children to love and learn throughout their future"

Mandarin Pose 02_edited.png

This is me and my Chinese Culture group. Check out the video recording of our awesome Chinese Culture Production "Legend of Nian". 

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