Mandarin Heroes is a learning programme specially designed for children aged 6-12 years to be culturally inspired by Chinese culture and language. Taught by a fully registered primary school teacher Ray Chen, children will learn to communicate in Mandarin in a variety of context as well as acquire the geographical knowledge, history and the cultural customs of China.  

the fantastic 4 


  • Everything I teach is practical

  • No boring textbook/dictation learning

  • Tailored resources according to children's learning ability

culture rich

  • Chinese culture is taught with the language as supplementary knowledge

  • Fun & interactive cultural activities are included such as making lanterns and calligraphy to keep children engaged

  • Important facts about China are also taught to increase children's geographic knowledge

classroom environment

  • Based on my expertise and experience as a registered Primary School teacher, I ensure quality classroom standards

  • Children will feel safe and confident as the environment is similar to their daily school atmosphere

fun & interactive

  • Lots of team building activities and games involved with learning

  • Children can practice skills through enjoyment with peers

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